Shadowrun Returns – a tactic RPG game

Shadowrun Returns is a game that players really wanted and for this reason the producer, Harebrained Schemes, has made the impossible to deliver it. It is a delightful game, but unfortunately it has some down sides, yet not so important ones to affect the gameplay of the player.

Shadowrun Returns is a game that has as the main character a shadow runner, a future mercenary. This character finds out that a former partner, now retired, has been killed and starts on a run to find the killer that did this terrible act. So, the main character starts to run and to gather clues and become a little detective that will have to use his communication skills and also his fighter skills, in order to win the trust of the persons capable to help him with information. Or to eliminate the ones that make it difficult for him to finish his mission - check out tips to ease your game play.

The character is totally created by the player at the beginning of the game, it can be personalized from all points: physical and all his skills. The game has available 5 races, each one with its advantages, but also six predefined classes that gives the character a certain set of skills already nicely developed. There is also the possibility to create your own class. But trust me the existing ones are enough taking into account the fact that they include all the skills you will need to finish your main mission - find more clues and you will be just fine.

This game is a classic tactic turn-based RPG game. The character gain experience according to a skill tree that is powered by Karma points, points that the player will have to invest in domains that present interest for him. Maybe you want a better skill in throwing grenades, or maybe you want the med kits to recover more life than they already do, or maybe you want to learn magic – all these can be done with the skill tree that will give you details for every element that can be improved.

As I mentioned above, the game has a RPG component and a tactic one. The RPG component is one of the best that can be found on this gaming market. The dialogues and the way the story is delivered to the player will remind you of a classic RPG game. You can get more details if you access the game tutorial.

Shadowrun Returns is a super game, a game that has come with a new concept, a strong story and great fighting elements. This is the type of game that I totally recommend.